PC Botanicula Collector's Edition


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Collector’s Edition

Includes DRM Free Mac & Windows version + Free Steam key, Soundtrack & Concept Art Postcards

Save your home! As nasty parasites infest a beautiful ancient tree, a tiny tree creature sets out on a journey to save the last tree seed from his home. Along with four friends, he embarks on dangerous rescue mission down into the earth in order to plant the seed and create a new home for his people. Join the five friends on their journey to rescue your people!

  • Point'n'click exploration game created by Jaromír Plachý and the renowned Amanita Design, makers of Machinarium
  • Visually stunning and emotionally touching game that is as unique and bizarre as it is fun.
  • Highly interactive and creative environment that encourages experimentation & exploration.
  • Stylized soundtrack and sound effects, created by Czech alternative band DVA, which give gameplay clues
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