Zoocube (Boxed) GC

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ZooCube is a 3D puzzle game featuring three-axis rotation in four modes of play. Instead of manipulating falling blocks, players attach moving shapes to all six sides of a cube positioned in the center of the screen. The cube can be rotated to create new stacks or to manipulate existing ones in an effort to form pairs.

As the title suggests, the objects players must stack and match are in the form of animals. Essentially acting as a modern-day Noah, the player must pair off similar animal types (represented by color) so they hatch and return to an Ark. The main game takes place over four oceans and three seas, with the goal being to rescue all animals throughout the world.

In addition to the Classic mode, ZooCube offers variants called Blind, Knock Out, and Knock Out Blind. Blind has players relying solely on an object's shape rather than color, making the game more challenging. Knock Out has players starting with shapes already positioned on the ZooCube, and must overcome this handicap each time they clear a stage.

Knock Out Blind simply combines both features of the standalone modes for an added twist. Each of the four modes can be played in three formats: Single, Competitive, and Collaborative. Up to four players can compete in a split-screen competition, while two players can work together using two ZooCubes on the screen at once.

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