Evany - Key to a Distant Land PC (DVD)


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EVANY established a new standard for graphic adventures by offering a truly original sci-fi storyline that will capture your imagination as you discover startling news worlds. Take on the challenges in this new fantasy graphic adventure. Your intellect and intuition will be your greatest allies as you journey through breathtaking worlds filled with beauty, mystery and technology wonders, unraveling the enigma along your path.


Take on the role of Call, a young man from a world that was saved from galactic tyrant Ozgar a generation ago. Strangely, this rescued world of Evany is not the place of renewed peace and hope one would expect. Instead, the people silently wander or sit motionless and if they are without thought. Travel to strange new univerese by instellar flight...beyond rugged coasts and sapphire sea, gazing upon the dazzleing views of Geshon geysers.


Explore four continents, where you will find enormous trees each housing whole villages, DrJakar's mechanical island, plus mysterious abandonded desert dwelling, and the sparkling glass towers of the Merari, an ancient sea people who are involved in the resistance against the Balial. Before your travels are over, you will also need to escape from the dark prison-world of the Balial and find someone or something powerful enough to help you in your final epic battle against evil.



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