Dynasty Warriors 6 Xbox 360 (Käytetty)


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Have you got what it takes to lead an entire army into battle? Can you make the tough political decisions required to keep your rivals in check? Will you be able to unite all of ancient China through diplomatic cunning and military might?
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires gives you the chance to answer all of these questions. For the first time ever in a Warriors game you get the opportunity to play as either a ruler or an officer. You can choose to be the all powerful decision maker who combines politics and tactics to achieve the ultimate goal or the warrior who carries out those orders and turns strategic planning into battlefield glory.
Choose from two distinctly different ways to play the game.
Create your own unique character in edit mode.
Collect and use special cards to gain a strategic advantage both in battle and in your political manoeuvring.
Explore each level to discover strategic advantages and use new surprise attacks to catch your enemies unaware.
One new character that didn’t appear in Dynasty Warriors 6 and six more characters have new weapons and new move sets.
Brand new stages and levels that present new challenges to overcome. Including the return of the Nanman Kingdom.


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