Vaihtotatti setti 31 in 1 PS4


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High quality - The thumbsticks grip is made from Premium Blend Silicone for improving its size feel and durability. The bullet button and Dpads with metal stainless steel and Chrome are never worn out.
More flexible - The bullet button has four different height.There are two kinds model on the Dpads. The bullet button and Dpads use magnetic feature to change different hight mode. And the grips have three height.You can replace it easily.You can choose random height with your requirement. Enjoy new feeling with different height. It makes you operate the game flexibly.
Renew your controller - You do not need to feel sad when the button of controller become worn.You just replace it and get Fresh look.
Save money - Replace your broken PS4 controller thumbsticks and bullet button and Dpads instead of buying a new wireless controller.
Easy to replace - Take part the PS4 controller with professional open tooling. Please search the video on the YouTobe if you are not skilled enough.

Package Includes:
3 x D-Pads
16 x Bullet button (4 Height: 3mm; 5mm; 7mm; 9mm)
4 x Magnetic button
6 x Grips
2 x Metal thumbsticks
1 x T8 Screwdriver
1 x T6 Screwdriver

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