The Viva Adventure Anthology


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Paradise An adventure to Africa becomes wilder than you ever expected when you reach the heart of a new kind of jungle. You‘ll trek through a world few ever see and uncover mysteries you never imagined.


Agon Embark on a thrilling three-part journey! Travel to exotic locations, solve challenging puzzles and seek clues on the trail of the mysterious codex.


Syberia 2 Journey through mystical and enchanting lands on a quest for the realm of the forgotten mammoths. You‘ll meet mysterious characters and uncover important clues as this timeless adventure takes you beyond the reaches of civilization. Physicus A horrific meteorite crash has stopped the Earth’s rotation. Catastrophic disaster awaits as half the planet heats up while the other freezes. It’s up to you to save our planet by discovering the clues and knowledge needed to set off the giant impulse machine.


Riddle of the Sphinx Discover, unearth and explore the amazing world of the ancient Egyptians. From the Great Pyramid to lost chambers, spectacular treasures await the one to solve the epic

Riddle of the Sphinx. Omega Stone A treasure sought after for millennia is within your reach when you‘re called upon to unravel the ominous mystery of an ancient scroll. You‘ll journey to Stonehenge, Easter Island, Devil‘s Triangle, and more to discover the truth of this sacred artifact.


Black Buccaneer Follow the call of a legendary treasure to a mysterious island where a voodoo curse awaits. Discover a dark strength as you forge a supernatural alliance with the Black Buccaneer! His power will guide you on a swashbuckling quest for riches.

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