Stolen PS2 (Käytetty)


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STOLEN is an ultra realistic, third person, stealth / action game where you play a sexy high-tech female thief. In a city plagued by crime and corruption, heroes are found on the wrong side of the law. Anya Romanov is a sexy, high-tech thief; Louis Palmer is the voice in her ear - advisor, confidant, friend. When an everyday job turns sour, they find themselves drawn into a web of conspiracy that will shake the whole city to the ground. STOLEN is a game of stealth and agility which pits your skills against futuristic technologies to define the big-time heist genre.

  • Use all kinds of cutting-edge technology--from trackers and sonic visors to traversal equipment
  • Break into and out of movie-like locations and steal priceless items.
  • Atmospheric realtime volumetric shadow technology helps you hide from your enemies
  • Intense gaming action
  • Don't get spotted by enemies or you'll be in deep trouble
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