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Steel Horizon offers players complete control of Naval fleets in a series of missions within a fictional scenario featuring well-known World War II battles. The game is inspired by popular pulp fiction stories set during World War II, and delves into the key events and characters behind historic battles. Its scenario tells of a shady third party pulling the strings to orchestrate the war, using futuristic technology to advance the carnage for their own ends.

The player is cast as the American Captain of one of three ultra-secret Navy vessels, and while initially surviving battles, must also expose and ultimately destroy the meddling organisation and save the world. The ships at the players disposal include battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines, and the individual attributes of each must be used to take out enemy fleets and the organisations more advanced vessels.

In addition to the involving solo mode, Steel Horizon lets players compete against a rival player via wireless multiplayer modes. The game also boasts more than 10 bonus missions that allow users to upgrade their fleet and flagships by achieving set goals. These missions are an aside to the main game, but are useful for amassing a fleet capable of defeating the mysterious third party.

With its intuitive interface, intense 3D graphics, dynamic camera angles, impressive special effects and a mix of real-time and turn-based strategy elements, Steel Horizons 20 compelling missions and clever sub-games will make it one of the most engrossing strategy titles for handheld systems.


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