Spartan Gear Silicon Thumb Grips Universal 8 kpl ( 4 kpl musta, 2 kpl pun, 2 kpl sin PS4 Xbox One PS3 Xbox 360

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These Spartan Gear Silicon Thumb Grips will protect your analog sticks, while giving you extra grip for better control. Compatible with many different controllers, your thumbs will never slip from the sticks during intense action

  • Thumb Grips provide better grip and control action for all the controllers with analog sticks
  • They protect the analog sticks from dust and sweat
  • One size compatible with many different controllers such us *playstation 4, XboxOne, *playstation 3, Xbox360, *playstation 2, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii U Gamepad, Wii Nunchuck, Wii Classic Controller