Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada PS4


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The game focuses on events surrounding the Sanada clan, ranging from a time period with the Takeda clan up till the events of Osaka Castle. New to the series, certain characters will age over the course of this mode. Also new to the series, a village town is available for the player to freely roam. Various mini-game activities are also new features to the series, these include farming and fishing. Characters can also interact and build relationships with other characters found in the village. Advancing through the story unlocks more facilities to be used in the village.


  • All New Entry in the Historically Inspired Series
  • Follow the Legend of the Sanada Clan from Their Heroic Rise to Their Tragic Fall
  • A new adventure based on the heroic legend of a cunning group of warriors
  • Sengoku Era Japan, the storied historical period also known as the Age of Samurai
  • Fight with utmost vigilance to ensure that the Sanada name is upheld throughout history
  • Follow Masayuki's first battle, trailing the clan's meteoric rise from lowly vassals to powerful lords
  • Continue the clan's legacy and journey from boyhood as the legendary warrior Yukimura Sanada
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