Yakuza (CIB) PS2 (Käytetty)


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Experience the Yakuza lifestyle: The most realistic Yakuza experience to date, allowing you to become immersed in the brutality of the Japanese underworld like never before.
Cinematic Storyline: An engrossing cinematic storyline spanning over 12 intricately detailed chapters, which unveil an increasingly intricate plot capturing the vast web of deceit, violence and mistrust of Japan's underworld network.
Authentic Tokyo: Explore the night life of Tokyo in amazingly authentic detail - from the sprawling neon-lit streets and nightclubs, to actual shops licensed specifically to deliver the authentic feel of this bustling city.
Stylish New Fighting Engine: Bring out the best of your street-brawling skills by taking on numerous enemies at once and taking them down in style. String together a combination of fighting moves to take out multiple enemies simultaneously, or simply grab a nearby object and smash it over an opponent's head.
Develop your character's fighting skills: Build up experience points from brawls and use the RPG style levelling up to improve your strength, stamina and techniques.
Deep Gameplay: Accumulate weapons and items, engage in numerous side missions, interrogate and bribe informants, gamble, practise your swing in the baseball batting cages or improve your combat skills in the fighting cages.

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