Sega Classics Collection PS2 (Käytetty)

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A compilation of remakes from the SEGA Ages series of games in Japan, SEGA Ages: Classics Collection features enhanced versions of Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, Monaco GP, Tant R/Bonanza, Alien Syndrome, Columns, Outrun, V.R. (Virtual Racing), and Space Harrier. Each one of the ten games put on the Sega Classics Collection disc began its life several years ago as one-off budget games produced and published by an off-shoot company of Sega's: 3D Ages. The idea of the 3D Ages project was to delve into Sega's backlog of classic games and revive them in more contemporary 3D engines and designs at a budget price. Games like After Burner II, Alien Syndrome, Golden Axe and other Sega brands were given additional life as new developments on the PlayStation 2.

  • As you blaze across the checkpoint in your supped up racer, the road branches - which route will you take; travel to the Dark Ages and wield magic spells as a warrior, maiden or dwarf; teleport to deep space in seconds to battle futuristic monsters and robots with lock-on lasers; arrange falling jewels in piles of three or more horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and remove them while making chains that earn you the big points; blast invading aliens and rescue the captives held hostage in the spaceship before the clock winds down; climb aboard your Opa-Opa and get rich quick as defeated enemies drop coins; you'll leave plenty of tread ripping through these crazy courses and in certain modes, if you cross first, the car is yours; grab the wheel and take a trip back into Sega history in this remake of the arcade classic; play alone or grab three friends to play through 40 mini-games, clear them all, and you'll gain access to the special bonus game.