Ghost Recon PS2 (Käytetty)


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In TOM CLANCY's GHOST RECON, you command a team of six elite special-force soldiers through battlefields. Outnumbered and outgunned, this Green Beret team, nicknamed "The Ghosts", uses the latest technology and tactics to conquer the battlefield swiftly, silently and invisibly. You create your team by picking soldiers according to their specialty-Sniper, Demolitions, Support, Rifleman and Infantry. Their individual skills are essential to successful completion of your missions. You also get 15 PC levels along with all new eight levels for the console.

  • Lead 6 Special Forces soldiers in multiple teams on tension-filled missions. 15 single player missions that can be replayed in
  • Recon or Firefight modes.
  • 8 extra single players maps from PC add-on Desert Siege. Unlock
  • 12 specialists that use the latest battlefield technology and weapons.
  • Each specialist has unique skills that round out the team.
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