G-Police Platinum (CIB) PS (Käytetty)


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When your sister becomes a murder victim due to a big corporate cover-up, it's time for you to step in and take your revenge. You're Jeff Slater, the newest member of the volunteer-only G-Police. The investigation into your sister's death has left more questions than answers, and the official conclusion that her demise was a suicide strikes you as highly unlikely. Piloting a helicopter called Havoc, you'll cruise through 35 levels of combat and strategy in hopes of finding the perpetrators of this horrible crime and bringing them to justice vigilante style. Set over 51 unique landscapes and city environments, G-POLICE uses 3D action to fill two CDs with equal parts combat and plot points. You'll be met by futuristic street gangs, covert spies, and gigantic corporations that seem to have the world's powers working to help them widen their rule. This death was no accident, and you're the only person who can prove it.

  • 35 levels; 52 environments; deadly enemies; two CDs of gameplay; one-player action
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