Porsche Challenge PS (Käytetty)


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If you've always wanted to sit behind the wheel of a luxury automobile say, a Porsche Boxster and feel the power of racing across highways and through towns, you're in luck. All-out realism is the order of the day, as PORSCHE CHALLENGE nails the details of each Porsche model down to the minutiae. You can choose from several different models (all Porsches, of course) and drivers. Each driver has different characteristics that make him great, so make sure to test them all out in your strides to find the one that most closely mirrors your driving personality. The turning radius for each vehicle is closer to that of a real Porsche than a videogame, and the courses are tough enough to keep you busy for a while. As the game progresses, you'll find that you earn the rights to some awesome shortcuts every time you win a race. If you're in Two-Player mode, you'll need all of the advantages you can get, as the head-to-head racing is very competitive. In addition to the regular One-Player modes, there is a Ghost setting that allows you to race against your own best time. Whether you're looking for realistic German motoring, or just a really good racing game, this is it.

  • 6 unique driving styles, Porsche boxster with a variety of options and details, high resolution 3D rendered graphics, 2 player head-to-head competition
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