Nights - Journey of the Dreams Wii


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Nightopia is a magical world of dreams, populated by amazing creatures who fly, glide and swoop their way across the skies.

However, Nightmarens have invaded this dream like paradise and threaten to destroy this magical place. Only NiGHTS, the acrobatic and elegant jester, can save the inhabitants of Nightopia and restore everyone's dreams.

Experience magical flight with your controller in the most glorious game seen on the Wii

  • Leave the everyday world behind you and explore the dream worlds that make up the beautiful land of Nightopia
  • Uncover all the secrets of the NiGHTS and his world as you discover a host of magical powers to aid you in your quest
  • Play as either Will or Helen and unlock a different experience as each character takes on a different journey
  • A rich, inspiring storyline presents challenges of inner strength and courage
  • Persona Masks give players unique shape-shifting abilities that allow NiGHTS new ways to explore the world
  • Collect creatures from the main game and play with them in your own dream world
  • Battle with your friends through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection



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