Nancy Drew - White Wolf of Icicle Creek PC


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Follow a Trail to Hidden Secrets and Sabotage!

Dodge an avalanche of deception at a remote resort
Unexplained explosions and a lone white wolf haunt the bewildered guests of the Icicle Creek Lodge. Is there a plot to undermine this successful wilderness resort or are bigger dangers hidden beneath the old foundations? It’s up to you, as Nancy Drew, to go undercover as a hired employee and track down the culprit!

Faded photos and journals hint at chambers beneath the lodge. If you find a way in, can you investigate fast enough to make it out alive?

Trapper Dan left a legacy of old puzzles and hidden passages in his lodge, but apparently someone wants to play deadlier games with you.

A hired hand vowed to kill the wolf, but someone sabotaged his plan. Can you settle the dispute and stay out of the crossfire?

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