Nancy Drew - Secret of the Scarlet Hand PC


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A brazen thief steals a priceless artifact while Nancy Drew sets up an exhibit of ancient Maya treasures in the very next room. The only clue left behind is a mysterious scarlet handprint, the meaning of which was entombed centuries ago amongst the relics.
Players, as Nancy Drew, must use their sleuthing skills to track the thief’s sinister blood-red signature through a maze of long-buried secrets. Is the thief stealing for money or as part of a more ominous plan? To solve the case Nancy ventures beyond the museum to visit several Washington D.C. locations. Using the subway, she makes her way to the Mexican Consulate, a hospital, and an art dealership in search of clues. Along the way she meets a variety of fascinating characters, all with secrets to hide. As Nancy digs deeper into the thefts, it becomes clear that she has unearthed a complex and sinister plot with roots dating back thousands of years.


  • Multiple environments for the player to search and discover
  • Beautifully illustrated and detailed 360-degree 3-D environments.
  • New puzzles that correlate to Nancy's job as Deputy Curator
  • Museum exhibit and Maya cultural facts woven into game play.
  • Two difficulty settings, Junior and Senior Detective
  • A non-violent game that is also fun and challenging.
  • Online message board available
  • For ages 10 and up
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