Mutant Mudds Deluxe (LRG-54) (NIB) PS4 (Käytetty)


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Gameplay Features: 
Each level offers a Water Sprite at the end, acting as a reward for completing the challenging level and also ties into the story of needing the Water Sprites to vanquish the Mutant Mudd Monsters. 

Hidden within each level are two secret doors that provide access to special levels. Many of these doors require the player to utilize power-ups and/or complete the game once to unlock a special “Grannie” character to gain access to the location of the doors. 

Each “regular” level has a counterpart level in a parallel ghost world, which become available when they are unlocked in the regular world by collecting Water Sprites. 

All audio, music and sound effects, are executed in an 8-bit / 16-bit fashion. There are over 20 unique music tracks in the game, presenting a unique flavor to each world and the levels within them. 

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