Kinect for Windows Liiketunnistin PC


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Technical Details

  • Utilize Kinect skeletal-tracking, sophisticated microphone array, and other sensor technologies
  • Explore the limitless opportunities to transform products, processes, and businesses 
  • Link computers to Kinect devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Run applications built with the Kinect for Windows Commercial Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Use the Kinect for Windows SDK to build applications with C++, C#, or Visual Studio Basic by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Product Detail
The Kinect for Windows sensor unit is intended to be used with the following:

  • Kinect for Windows Commercial SDK
  • An application that was developed using the Kinect for Windows Commercial SDK and associated runtime software.

Note: The sensor unit does not ship with any software, and will only operate with an application developed for Kinect for Windows.


What’s in the Box

  • Kinect for Windows sensor
  • USB/power supply cable
  • Manual


Hardware Requirements

  • 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor
  • Dual-core 2.66-GHz or faster processor 
  • Dedicated USB 2.0 bus
  • 2 GB RAM

OS Requirements

  • Requires Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 7
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