CONTOUR RollerMouse Pro3


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8 Buttons (5 programmable), 2400DPI, Black
RollerMouse Pro3 is an update to the original ergonomic mouse alternative designed for you, not your computer. Sitting below your keyboard eliminates the need to reach for the mouse, lessening stress from your neck to your fingers. RollerMouse Pro3 allows you to work safer, faster, and more comfortably. We strive to make our products best fit our customer’s needs, and after taking feedback we feel we have achieved that with RollerMouse Pro3.

Adjustable features. Eight buttons control the major mouse functions. Customize your click force and cursor speed with buttons found on the mouse. Choose from ten cursor speeds ranging from 600 to 2400 dpi by using the central cursor speed button. Blue and green lights signify which speed setting you are currently using from lowest to highest. A slider switch on the bottom of the unit may be used to adjust the click force.

A new look. A sturdy aluminum base reduces risk of slipping. A leatherette wrist support runs the length of the incline of the unit. The scroll wheel is slicker, making it easier to use and navigate across the page. Keyboard risers are inserted at the back of the unit to provide height and create an ideal transition between keyboard and mouse.

RollerMouse Pro3 is currently available as a wired device only. The new RollerMouse Pro3 wireless model will be available soon, and comes with a micro USB cord for convenient charging.

  • Käyttöliittymä USB
  • Tuotteen väri Musta
  • Painikkeiden määrä 8
  • Rannetuki Kyllä
  • Plug & Play -yhteensopiva Kyllä
  • Liikeen erottelutarkkuus 2400 DPI
  • Mac-yhteensopivuus Kyllä
  • Windows-käyttöjärjestelmätuki Kyllä
  • Tuotteen leveys 488 mm
  • Tuotteen syvyys 99 mm
  • Tuotteen korkeus 29 mm
  • Paino 670 g
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