Arcania: Gothic IV The Complete Tale PS3 (Käytetty)


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Arcania: Gothic 4 sijoittuu rikkaaseen maailmaan joka houkuttelee pelaajan tutkimaan sen lukuisia tekemisen mahdollisuuksia ja laajoja alueita.


Vaihtelevat sääolosuhteet, runsas kasvillisuus ja eläimistö, maanalaiset holvit, kaupungit ja linnat henkeäsalpaavine arkkitehtuurein odottavat seikkailijaa.


Pilvien synsistämät taivaat, tuulen ja rankkasateiden muuttamat pelimaalimat, päivä/yö sykli ja kaunis valon ja varjon tanssi, saavat pelaajan lumoutumaan kerta toisensa jälkeen.


Mestarillinen äänimaailma luo rakennuspalikat mahtavan aidontuntuiselle pelikokemukselle. Monivivahteikkaat haastavat tehtävät, kiihkeät taistelut ja mukaansatempaava tarina takaavat viihdyttävää pelaamista sadoiksi tunneiksi.

Eteläsaaret odottavat sinua!

During his long and cruel war against the hordes of Orcs invading his land, King Rhobar II was faced with a serious problem: his war machine was running out of the precious and magical ore used for the weapons of the Paladins, the most powerful and valuable fighters among his men. On the remote Island of Khorinis, where whole mountains consisted of this special ore, a prisoner's camp was established and surrounded with a magical barrier. Men and women from all of Myrtana were thrown into the camp, most of them for minor and ridiculous crimes, in order to produce the ore needed for war. This system was working well for the King, until one of the prisoners, a man without a name or known past, destroyed an ancient evil called "The Sleeper" and the barrier surrounding the camp.


Guarded by the wise and mysterious demon summoner Xardas, the nameless then obtained the holy artifact "Eye of Innos" and marched into battle against an even greater evil, Beliar - an undead dragon bearing the essence of the god of death and destruction. In the meantime, the lack of ore and huge losses in the battle turned the tide of war in Myrtana, getting the Orcs even closer to total victory.

After having sailed to the mainland, the nameless hero faced a Myrtana were almost all land was in the hand of the Orcs, while only small rebel camps and the former capital – protected by a magical barrier – built the resistance.

Having learned that the war between humans and Orcs is only a "big game" for the gods Innos and Beliar, the nameless hero went out on a quest to end the war. With the help of Xardas, he actually completed his tasks and left the sphere of mortal beings together with his mentor, and the hope for peace in Myrtana in his heart.

With the two spending two years in exile beyond the known lands, the fear of war came back to the lands. Gorn, an old friend of the nameless hero, raised an army in order to march against Thorus, the only human who ever became a leader among the Orcs. After a dispute and even a short fight against Xardas, the nameless returned to Myrtana in order to unite it. With his legendary fighting skills and knowledge of ancient magic, he prevailed and proclaimed himself as King Rhobar the III, unquestioned leader of both humans and Orcs in Myrtana.

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