8 Bit Armies Collectors Edition PS4


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8-Bit Armies is a retro Real-Time Strategy game. With a colorful, blocky voxel art style, 8-Bit Armies is Petroglyph's most fast-paced, friendly, and accessible RTS game to date. Collect resources, build up and defend your base, amass your army of military units, and ultimately crush your opponents! 8-Bit Armies features offline single-player missions, two-player cooperative missions, AI skirmish mode, and Player-vs-Player Multiplayer modes


  •     Jump right in with easy to understand modern military units and structures
  •     Play cooperatively or versus the AI choosing from multiple difficulty options
  •     Use classic RTS Base-Building mechanics to construct the ultimate HQ from which to attack your foes
  •     Explore a variety of locales, destroying everything that gets in your way with devastating superweapons
  •     Two campaigns with a total of 40 single-player combat missions for many hours of gameplay
  •     Join your friends to play 12 co-op missions against a variety of AI opponents
  •     Gather up to 8 online players to team up in one of the dozen multiplayer/skirmish maps

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